Recommended: Free Online Music Resources

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For both new and experienced musicians, composers and producers the Internet can be a minefield when it comes to finding useful, high-quality and professional resources. In this article I will be sharing three of my favourite free resources that continue to be part of my creative process.

Christian Henson Music - YouTube Channel
Christian is the co-owner of the sample library company Spitfire Audio and a renowned media composer, his work includes the soundtrack to the BBC series Inside No. 9. Whilst Christian contributes to Spitfire Audio YouTube channel, it is on his own personal video blog that his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm are most insightful and engaging. His videos are full of useful tips and techniques, honest reflections and first-hand observations from his experiences as a media composer. The video blog also provides a unique insight look into his mind-set and creative process.


Music Radar
Music Radar is the online companion to the Computer Music and Future Music magazines. The website contains a whole range of information including reviews, tutorial videos, interviews, and tips to improve your skills. However, one my favourite parts of the site is the section which offers a wide range of free samples and loops, these are great for new producers who are looking to build their own catalogue of sounds, whilst experienced producers stuck in a creative rut can turn to these sounds for inspiration to kickstart a new project.


BPM Counter
My final recommendation is a simple beats per minute counter which I have referred to on countless occasions. The website works on computers, smart phones and tablets and is a quick and simple way to establish the tempo of songs and loops so you can focus on your latest production. I have found this particularly useful when working on remixes using stems and vocal accapellas.


If you have any resources you’d like to share then let me know on Twitter, you can find me @MDennyMusic