Coming soon on The Audio Tapes…

The Audio Tapes is now 5 months old and highlights so far include the Songwriting and Composition Techniques series which went on to feature on the Red Dog Music Blog, the review of Output Sounds - Analog Brass and Winds, and attending the Spitfire Audio launch of Hans Zimmer Strings at Air Studios.

As we move into the Summer months we will be expanding and delivering more content on a regular basis, this includes at least one new article every fortnight along with some added extras along the way including interview and reviews. Planned articles range from multiple part series including Music Production Tips and Creative Challenges to shorter topics investigating areas including Record Shopping, The Art of Listening and Productivity.

Thanks for your support and interest so far, I will also be continuing my collaboration with Red Dog Music blog writing some guest articles so keep your eye out for those too. In the meantime, if you would like to get in touch
either visit the contact page or email You can also find me on Twitter @MDennyMusic or visit my website at Finally, don't forget to check back for the first part of a new series called Music Production Toolkit on Friday 1st June.